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Rope Halter Sizing

A great fitting Rope Halter is essential for effective communication with your horse! Not only will proper Rope Halter fit aid in the safety and function of your rope halter, it will also look best when properly fitted for your horse. We offer "standard" sizes as well as custom sizing for your Rope Halters. This includes not only our training rope halters but our fancy rope halters with trim as well. We have listed here a useful set of instructions for measuring your horse and included our measurements for our standard size rope halters. This will help you determine if your horse fits a standard size rope halter or if you will be best suited with a custom size rope halter. 

There are two measurements that you will need to take when determining your horse's proper rope halter size. In order to measure your horse you will need a fabric measuring tape or simply a piece of string or rope. 

The first measurement you will take is the noseband measurement. For this measurement you will start at the facial crest and cross over the nose to the other facial crest. That measurement will give you your Noseband size.



Measuring from Facial Crest Point to Facial Crest Point

The next measurement is the cheek piece. For this, you will start at the base of the facial crest and measure along the cheek to the groove behind the jaw. You will add an inch to that measurement to get your cheek piece size. So if your measurement is 9 inches, you add an inch and your cheek piece size is actually 10 inches.



Point of Facial Crest to Groove behind Jaw line



Most of the time the noseband and cheek piece measurements are the same so do not be surprised or think you did something wrong if that is the case.

A lot of horses are easily able to fit into one of our standard sizes. We have listed our standard measurements below to help you determine your horse's size. If you find that your horse does not fall into any of these categories or you simply want a perfect custom fit, you can email us at info@horseropeconnection.com and we will instruct you on how to measure further for a custom fit.

Standard Sizes

If your horse falls between two sizes it is best to either go with the larger size or order a custom size halter. 


 Noseband 7 inches

Cheek Piece 7 inches


Noseband: 8 inches

Cheek Piece: 8 inches


Noseband: 9 inches

Cheek Piece: 9 inches


Noseband: 10 inches

Cheek Piece: 10 inches

Average Horse

Noseband: 11 inches

Cheek Piece: 11 inches

Large Horse

Noseband:12 inches

Cheek Piece: 12 inches

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