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Product: 8 Ft Horseman's Lead Rope - Yacht Braid 

Love the lead rope-yacht braid, ABSOLUTELY- thrilled with the Buffalo snap, on it,wish very lead rope I have, had one on it! Arthritis in hands keeps me from being able to work a Bull snap,this Buffalo snap is amazing, didn't know they made such a snap,HIGHLY Recommend this SNAP!! 


Good Halter & LEAD 

Product: Rope Halter - Halter Cord Rope with Braided Noseband & Custom Trim 

This halter is lightweight ,supple,& easy to carry around with you! I have advanced arthritis of my hands,I absolutely LOVE the Buffalo snap, I can easily operate it,the strength of a Bull snap, but designed for easy opening,what a Wonderful idea,had never seen them before! Love the softness of the leadrope,so easy to tie, & untie! I wish every halter rope I own ,had a Buffalo snap, on them, also! These are QUALITY halters,delivery was a couple weeks,but that was okay,don't mind waiting, when the quality is GOOD! 


Wonderful mecate reins 

Product: HRC Mecate Reins 
Posted By: Jessica

These reins are wonderful...they broke in after one ride and are soft and easy to handle. Since I have smaller hands, the 1/2" size work great for me. Thanks for offering such a wonderful product at a reasonable price. 


I love my rope halter! 

Product: Rope Halters - Clinician Quality Soft Yacht Rope 
Posted By: N/A

I really like the rope halter, it is very soft and flexible, fits well and looks really nice on my palomino horse! Thank you very much! 


I love this rope! 

Product: Horseman's Training Lead - 22Ft Yacht Braid 
Posted By: Brenda W.

I use it to lunge, so that the horses aren't on a tight circle putting stress on their joints. When you wiggle it, the energy immediately goes to the horse - perfect for training! I also loved that I could customize the color & snap. 




great rope 

Product: 12Ft Lead Rope - Samantha Walker Collection 
Posted By: Sally Dalton

it seems very well made, I like the suppleness of it. Thank you 

Great lead ropes 

Product: Horseman's Lead Rope - 14Ft Yacht Braid 
Posted By: Eddie Ray Cantrell - John and Josh Lyons Certified Trainer

I'm a huge fan of the 14' lead ropes. I use the weighted end, with no hardware. The length gives me the leverage that I need to turn a horse that may be panicked but yet is still short enough to do ground work with. When using The Clip or a tie ring to teach a horse to stand tied, the 14' length is "always" enough rope to stay in the clip, but still allow the horse to get back enough to become relaxed. The materials are second to none and I will continue to use these for many years to come. Awesome Product. 

Great stuff 

Product: Clinician Style Training Rope Halter 
Posted By: Eddie Ray Cantrell - John and Josh Lyons Certified Trainer

I'm a John and Josh Lyons certified trainer. I use the rope halters with nose knots and 14' leads with no hardware. Most of my halter training involves teaching a horse to stand tied, or trailer loading problems. When you have a horse that is fearful of both and panics, it sure is nice to know that I have a Halter and a 14' lead rope that won't break (and will do the job I ask of it time after time. I sold a 14' lead and halter (with the nose knots) to a client of mine. She has a Rocky Mountain Mare that literally has dragged two men while in a conventional web halter, down the alley of the barn and out the door and into the pasture, with both men hanging on for dear life and trying to stop her. This client is around 4'11" tall and weighs 100lbs soaking wet. She actually has no trouble with the same mare in one of these halters and leads. She was so excited about the transformation of the mare that she bought two more halters with 14' and 10' leads. I've actually had 1500lb horses panic during a demo or in training and these horses have yet to break the halter n lead. Awesome Product! I will continue to use these for years to come 

Training rope halters 

Product: Clinician Style Training Rope Halter 
Posted By: Belinda Walker

I am very pleased with my recent purchase of your training rope halters. We are in the process of training our 2 young geldings and these halters have helped to keep their attention. We will continue to order from you when we have a need. We received our order in a timely manner.