Firm 1/4" Halter Cord Rope

1/4" Firm Halter Cord Rope

 This is a very popular premium rope used by horse trainers. It is firm and holds shape. 

Rope Construction: Polyester Cover/Parallel Polyester core

When the core of the rope consists of one or more un-braided fibers running parallel to a braided “cover” the rope can be called a braided cover parallel core rope or cord. Halter cord uses this construction. Fibers used in the core of this rope are premium polyester fibers. Parallel core ropes are not considered “splicable.” Previously called 8TF.

Rope Fibers:  Polyester

Due to its strength, low stretch, excellent sunlight resistance, and excellent abrasion resistance properties, polyester is a preferred fiber for many natural horse trainers.

Excellent choice for those who prefer the firm rope halters that hold shape.