Horseman's Training Lead - 23Ft Yacht Braid

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Horsemanship Training Line

This is our Yacht Braid Training Lead/Lunge Line. It is made from our Premium 9/16" Yacht Braid rope and is 23ft in length. You can pick the hardware of your choice for one end and the line has a weighted end with leather popper on the other. This is same type of line used by top clinicians to advance their horses through groundwork at longer distances. This line is made to last, has strength, weight and great feel to it! 

On all of our training lines and lead ropes, we use an eyesplice loop where the hardware is attached so you can easily replace worn out hardware with a new one. This not only gives you more options but extends the life of your training line! 

*Please note - the photo with ring and clip shows hardware spliced into line. We do not use that style splice unless specially requested. We use an eyesplice like shown on the lead ropes so you can change out hardware as needed.